Interfaces and Research



Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft launched the consumer preview of Windows 8. Microsoft’s strategy is to deliver a consistent experience across a number of screens – the mobile, the computer and the TV.

Timberland Re-imagines Storytelling Within The Retail Experience

An interactive test module has been designed as part of Timberland’s new store concept. The interactive touch points transcend traditional retail models by transforming the shopping experience into a dialog between the brand and the customer.

Alcatel Lucent – Bell Labs Global Whiteboard

Large-scale interactive whiteboard presents every paper and patent published by Bell Labs. It reveals connections between their past innovations, including the telephone and fiber optic cable and newer innovations like advances in green energy and cell phone technology.

UX / HCI / Digital Trends



Key Mobile Marketing Stats and Trends for 2012

The results of comScore annual report examining the mobile and connected device landscape.

The Impact of Digital on Growth Strategies

TNS Digital Life is a global study into the attitudes and behaviours of the world’s consumers online. (pdf 500 KB)

Kinect-powered shopping carts

Microsoft showed the very early prototype of high-tech “shopping cart of the future”.

Case Studies

HOT LINK – UK Government Website

A completely new approach to government website. The aim was a “simpler, clearer, faster” website. Read about the process.

Informative Counter

Fabian Kreuzer has developed a concept that allows the customer to get an instant display of prices or desciptions right above the favoured product by simply pointing at it.


Polish project designed to support desirable eating habits, particularly when dining out.

Usability Light



UX Innovation Reel

Nice presentation of the ux solutions.

Live Park – interactive 4D avatar theme park in Korea

“Live Park” is the world’s first interactive 4D avatar theme park. Visitors wear RFID wristbands that allow the displays to identify them, while Kinect sensors detect their movements, voices, and faces.

Responsive Navigation Patterns

A few techniques for handling navigation in responsive designs.